Investigation Protocols:
The investigation protocols are the rules we follow when taking action with SMP. We call them "investigation protocols", but they are really the rules we establish for ourselves so when investigating, researching, handling footage, analyzing footage or interacting with individuals, we make sure we are clean, consistent and professional in what we do. We follow our own rules and the rules of the scientific theory. That way, everyone knows we are as methodical and meticulous as possible. At the end of the day, you can be confident in us.
  • Privacy is first and foremost with SMP. We will not broadcast personal information about any residence or its occupants. We will ask permission to use photos, video or audio footage on our website. Our goal is to protect the privacy of those who permit us to investigate their location.

  • When posting an investigation report for a private residence, once we have received written permission from the home owner or curator, we will blur, blackout or make unique identification of the location unidentifiable.

  • There will be NO smoking on an SMP Investigation. Smoking can cause photo anomalies that can be misidentified as evidence of paranormal activities. Smoking can also interfere with an individual's senses. As investigators, we try to rely on all of our individual senses as other tools of investigation.

  • There will be NO drinking 24 hours prior to an investigation. Drinking even small amounts of alcohol can cause changes in personality and judgement. In the interest of investigative accuracy and professionalism, we save any drinking for after our work is done.

  • We do not allow guests on our investigations; however, on a rare occasion we may request the assistance of an affiliate on an investigation. Only individuals that are personally well known to the group, and have proven themselves to be professional are considered for affiliation status with SMP.

  • SMP may invite trained and trusted affiliates on investigations if the group needs assistance. These individuals are people the core team knows personally. These individuals will represent the interests of SMP, and will only post their data in coordination with the SMP organization.

  • Due to our use of sensitive recording devices we must limit access to the investigation locale. It is important to remember that audio and video recordings must be reviewed for potential evidence. If there is too much human activity in the area, the potential to find paranormal evidence is greatly reduced.

  • Once the investigation is complete, SMP needs time to review the footage, isolate potential anomalous evidence, test the evidence and report on the finding. We work to get back to the client as soon as we can with a report of our findings. We will review the evidence with the client and provide any anomalous findings on a CD or through email to them. In today's age of technology, we may also employ the use of video communication software, such as Skype, to communicate with a client.

  • There are some public places that do not authorize or permit the use of photography or videography on the premises or surrounding areas. We comply with all posted rules and regulations of the locations we visit. Additionally we respect the integrity of these locations and the requirements of the owners.

  • SMP welcomes media opportunities. We limit media exposure to our clients as their privacy is our utmost priority. However if a media organization wishes to work with us, we ask that they contact our PR department and we will schedule an investigation with prior approval for media attention. We can ask if a reporter or media representative will be permitted on the premises.

  • A preliminary meeting, visitation or tour will be requested by SMP prior to an official investigation. This provides our technical team with an opportunity to determine where to set up equipment. Further, this provides our team with an opportunity to learn about any particular areas of interest that should be focused on during the investigation.

  • Clients may ask SMP staff members questions at any time. We are here to teach about what's happening at your location. Clients may accompany SMP members during the investigation.

  • An SMP Core member may end an investigation at any time if he/she feels the conditions are not safe for the team.

  • For safety reasons, SMP members do not take their boots or shoes off indoors. That being said, we will make certain that our shoes as well as equipment will make as little an impact as possible on the investigation site.

  • SMP will always obtain permission before investigating private property. This includes but is not limited to homes, cemeteries, outdoor locales such as bridges and abandoned buildings. We will not trespass for any reason regardless of how 'hot' a location may be.

  • SMP reserves the right to refuse any investigation that may be seen as a hoax or that may present potential danger to SMP staff or associates.