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Greetings from SMP:
Southern Maryland Paranormal is returning. After a few years break to re-evaluate and rebuild, we are returning to research and study the world of the paranormal. Steve, Brian, Damon, Rob, Melody, Sam, Desirae & Lance are working to re-establish SMP as the foremost authority in the science and undertanding of the unexplained. We are opening our doors to new and younger members eager to join the team to research and investigate the unknown. We hope to you see you soon!

  • Please welcome our newest member Angel to the SMP family.
  • SMP Goal:
    We are a paranormal research and investigation team. We research the paranormal, science and how they relate to each other. At SMP, we follow a pre-determined set of standards when we investigate and review the footage we collect. We collect data from investigations, apply our testing consistent with the scientific method and document our findings. We do not represent ourselves as having all of the answers. We simply do our best to test all possibilities, logically and scientifically. We will also not present and claim something as "evidence of the paranormal" without exhausting all possible resources.
    Our Services:
    We research and investigate locations of reported paranormal and unexplained activity. Our team works hard to learn the history of a location we are going to investigate, but our interests include learning the history of a location even if we are not planning to investigate. Our investigations include private residences as well as public locales. In the interest of confidentiality we will keep all information private as requested. We respect the wishes of owners and will check before posting specific details of an investigation. We will not reveal names, addresses or any private information unless prior, written approval is granted.

  • Privacy is our #1 priority.
  • Photo Trips:
    There are times when SMP team members visit locations of historic significance. Sometimes these locales are famous for their paranormal activity. Other times, we will research locations to see if there is any known history and/or reported paranormal activities. It’s not an investigation. We call them Photo Trips. Sometimes we will take a digital recorder as well as take video of an experience. We will build a brief report and provide photos from a specific perspective. We will put it all together and present it as an interesting factoid.

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    Haunted Locations:
    We investigate all locations in and around Maryland, but we focus closely within our immediate community. Since these locations are so close, it’s easier to visit and speak with people. Here are the local communities: >> Click here to see to more
    Become an Investigator:
    We are currently looking for new team members. We are a fun loving, easy going, family of professionals who value our members. Honesty is the only requirement. We will provide training to our standards and most of the equipment you would need. If you have any equipment, great, that’s encouraged. If you are interested, please come to the Discussion Forums and let us know or send us an application using the link below. Once complete, please submit the form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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       SMP Staff Bios:

  • President and Founder
  • Investigations Lead
  • Evidence Analyst

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  • Damon

  • Video Edit Lead
  • Evidence Analyst
  • Technical Consultant

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  • Lance

  • Investigator
  • Research Lead
  • Evidence Analyst

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  • Desirae

  • Public Relations Lead
  • Investigator
  • Evidence Analyst

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  • Libby

  • Investigations Consultant
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising Advisor

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  • Chris

  • Liaison to Investigations &
  • Investigator
  • Evidence Analyst

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  • Sue - In Training

  • Research Analyst
  • Evidence Analyst
  • Investigator

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  • Angel - In Training

  • Investigator
  • Research Analyst
  • Evidence Analyst

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  •    SMP Junior Staff Bios:
    Sam - In Training

  • Social Media Co-Lead
  • Researcher
  • Jr. Tech Team

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  • Miles - In Training

  • Social Media Co-Lead
  • Researcher
  • Jr. Analyst

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  • SMP News:

  • Welcome visitors! Let's everyone come to the Discussion Forums and welcome Angel to the SMP TEAM. A couple of days ago, we interviewed her and as a team and decided to invite her as a trainee on the team. She will be going through our training program and joining us on her first investigation. Welcome Angel!

  • Hey everyone! Let's everyone come to the Discussion Forums and give Chris a hearty CONGRATULATIONS and pat on the back! Over the weekend, Chris was promoted from TRAINEE to full TEAM MEMBER. Way to go dude! His input and hard work has been invaluable these last few weeks. It just had to happen. He will likely be playing some key roles in the coming weeks and months.

  • Hello everyone. We are continuing to expand and add new members to the SMP family. We are still receiving applications for those interested in joining SMP. Those interested in joining, please submit an application and we will contact you. We have also received applications for us to conduct investigations. We have reached out to those individuals and are working with them to schedule their investigations. If you would like for us to investigate, please be sure to submit an application and we will discuss your situation with you.

  • Thank you for your patience, as we transition to a new web host. The site was down for a while as we resolved back-end technical issues. Slowly, we are restoring our services. Currently, the Discussion Forums are back online. Visitors are able to register and begin using their accounts after they've been actvated. We hope to have the rest of the features restored over the course of the next week.

    We would like to thank our anonymous donor friend for providing SMP with 1-year of web hosting service. His generous donation allowed us to get our website back up and running. This will enable us to better serve our visitors. We are accepting applications for new SMP Team members as well as for investigation requests. Please fill out and application to join us. Thank you!

  • NEW on the SMP page, we updated the Recruitment Application and replaced the old PDF application with a new, online form for Requesting an Investigation. Using this form, the investigations team gets your application. We will open a case and review the details. One of the investigation leads will contact you to discuss your request. We'll contact you and schedule a time to chat with you. We can call, meet in person OR do a video chat meeting, via "ooVoo", Skype or Google Hangouts.

  • Thank you! We would like to extend a sincere "Thank you" to Brian for providing Southern Maryland Paranormal with 3 YEARS of domain registration "". This will enable us better performance and allow us to restore some of the missing services we once had before the break. Thank you brother!

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  • SMP in the News:

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  • Current Moon Phase:
    Investigations: SMP Investigates:

    When we conduct an investigation, we do not just show up, take some readings and leave. It is a long process. We try to cover all the bases as thoroughly as possible. We want to make sure your experience is complete and you understand everything. This process includes, but is not limited to:
    • Initial Request
    • Communication
    • Interview
    • Research
    • Investigation planning
    • Actual investigation
    • Footage Analysis
    • Post-investigation testing
    • Documentation
    • Reporting
    • Sit-down and discussion
    If you are interested in having us investigate your unique situation, please let us know. Please send one of our investigators an email or come to the Discussion Forums and discuss your situation with us. You can also send us an investigation request using this form and someone from the team will contact you directly. Our business is finding the truth. We are discrete, professional and are here to help you find answers.

    We are especially interested in assisting when a child is involved. Many of our team members are parents and understand the pain and fear of a child. PLEASE, let us know, and we will try to help.

    >> Investigation Reports and Request

    Over the years we have had the opportunity and privilege to investigate some notible locations. We have also earned the trust of private homeowners who requested our assistance to investigate, analyze & document their activity. Here are some of the investigations we've conducted:

  • Point Lookout Lighthouse, Scotland, MD
  • First ever sanctioned paranormal investigation

  • Eden Mill, Pylesville, MD
  • Cooperative with the former "MPRS"

  • St. Mary's Co. Historical Jail House
  • First ever sanctioned paranormal investigation

  • Dr. Samuel Mudd Home, Waldorf, MD
  • First ever sanctioned paranormal investigation

  • Dr. Samuel Mudd Home, Waldorf, MD
  • 2nd investigation

  • Point Lookout Lighthouse, Scotland, MD
  • 2nd investigation

    >> Investigation Archive
  • Team Photo Collage:
    At Southern Maryland Paranormal, we do our best to follow the scientific method while still thinking outside of the box and working on some new techniques to test our footage. We will not intentionally publish data that has been doctored and claim that it is actual recorded footage. EVER! We believe what all seasoned scientists believe: "Data which does not support that which we are seeking, is still data which points us in the direction of TRUTH."

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    Part of what we do at SMP is research. We study locations of potential paranormal activity to understand what may have led to the haunting today. Whether we are going to investigate the location or not, it's nice to know if there was an event or events which may be responsible for potential residual energy, leading to activity.
    We thoroughly research the locations we are going to investigate. We like to know as much about the location even before stepping foot onto the grounds or into the residence.

    >> Click here to see more
    Investigation Protocols:
    When we investigate, we have developed a thorough list of guidelines we follow as a team, to ensure we do not contaminate a piece of footage, generate the appearance of false phenomena or publish something inaccurate. We investigate by these guidelines and analyze the footage by the same guidelines.

    Part of making sure we do not damage original footage, we make copies and store on a server elsewhere in the event we need original documents for later analysis.

    >> Click here to see more
    Part of the paranormal investigation experience is using the "tools of the trade" that allow us to record and replay events from the investigation for analysis. Studying the science of the paranormal cannot be done using the senses alone. Using one's senses is certainly part of what we do, however this is purely subjective, meaning, no one can see what one "thinks or feels". Even if documented, it is subject to critical scrutiny. Recorded data can also be scrutinized, however reporting on all possibilites and presented as a package, it allows for a more thorough and complete undestanding of the experienced event(s).

    >> Click here to see more
    Historical Societies:
    Southern Maryland Paranormal believes in forming a close and personal connection with historical societies of our local counties & states. They are the keepers of information of long ago. We respect the hard work they have done and continue to do in researching, documenting and publishing the history of our lands. We want to work with them and help get each one of them additional internet traffic. The more public exposure they have, the more their work is recognized. This also aids them in getting the funding they need to continue their work, including restoring some of the locations we know and love.

    >> Click here to see more
    Paranormal Directory:
    We also believe in forming relationships with other paranormal research groups. The paranormal community is known for aggessive compentition to be the best and to provide their views as being more believable. The paranormal research community is just that, a community. We all are searching for something. Whether it be a personal explanation to events from our past or searching for something more, we should all be working together. In science, it isn't a race to the truth, but the understanding and discovery of THE TRUTH. In that spirit, click below for a list of active paranormal groups.

    >> Click here to see more
    SoMD Affiliates:
    Here is a listing of the affiliates with whom we follow closely and/or directly coordinate with when it comes to our research & investigations. We hold close those individuals or organizations who are from Southern Maryland and provide a service to those who live here. We are all part of the SoMD Family. If your project or company are based in Southern Maryland & you would like to swap links or banners, please send an email to us at, We look forward to hearing from you!
    Welcome to the new poll section. Here, you will find polls we feel would be interesting to collect some data for entertainment AND for serious inquiries. The section may change up a little from time to time as we test new poll options, but as always, all poll data is anonymous and no personal data is collected for any reason.

    We would like to know what you think about our new site. Please vote then come to the Discussion Forums. If you chose "Needs work" or "Needs significant improvement", please come talk to us about it. We would like to know some specifics. What is it that you think needs to be changed? Come let us know.
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